The difficulties experienced when acquiring and operationalizing data in support of the COVID-19 pandemic provided a strong impetus for OGC to mobilize its community of global expertise to find practical solutions. Data collected at different levels of government is often neither standardized, integrated, nor interoperable.

Geospatial (aka location-based) data is essential to increase the preparedness for, mitigate the impacts of, and support the responses to major health emergencies, due to its inheritability to facilitate data integration, interoperability, analytics, and modeling.

There is strong potential for OGC standards, such as the SensorThings API and other OGCAPIs, OGC Community Standards, such as Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF), and complementary technologies, such as Federated Clouds and Sensor Integration, to support health domain requirements. Open Standards offer a solution to interoperability challenges faced when integrating health data with non-health data (commonly called social determinants of health or SDoH). However, disparities remain in the adoption of standards and frameworks to collect, process, store, integrate, analyze, visualize, share, and protect information, especially within complex Big Data scenarios.

OGC’s Health Domain Working Group (DWG) is the go-to place for location experts from across the globe to discuss the data-integration challenges faced by the health community. Such challenges include: the quantity, quality, consistency, heterogeneity, timeliness, security of the data, and the difficulties, ethics, and privacy implications behind sharing data across disciplines, organizations, and geographic boundaries.

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The OGC Health SDI technical paper proposes a framework for agencies around the globeto support regional SDIs. A Health Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) designed to address theissues facing healthcare organizations will raise the efficiency and effectiveness of healthservices, saving lives, protecting the public, and saving money. These frameworks are beingtested in the OGC Innovation Program, as part of the Health SDI Pilot.

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