OGC Health Summit - Review

Contributed by: 
Eddie Oldfield, Owner, Spatial Quest Solutions.

The OGC Health Domain Working Group organized an OGC Health Summit, June 21, in Dublin Ireland, to bring attention to health market requirements, technical solutions, advances in geospatial standards, and implementation examples / health applications.  The OGC Health Summit: 

  1. Convened OGC Health DWG participants, OGC members, other interested stakeholders, including 40 participants, 4 panels, 1 survey round, and 1 technology showcase.
  2. Informed how geospatial standards and related technologies can benefit the health domain, by identifying key areas of need in the market, as well as identifying beneficiaries, stakeholders, key gaps / application areas, and resources.
  3. Identified requirements for OGC standards, including geospatial data and web service requirements (for interoperability standards), and Interoperability work.
The Summit addressed the following themes with expert participation:
  • Active and healthy ageing
  • Sensor Web, IoT, healthy urban environments
  • Climate health
  • OGC / Standards in action 
A full report with recommendations is available here [PDF].
Presentations from the Health summit are available on the HealthDWG web wiki
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For background on the OGC Health DWG, visit: http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/groups/healthdwg