The First OGC Client Test: WMS 1.3

OGC now provides a WMS 1.3 Client Test that client developers can use to confirm that their clients correctly implement the OGC Web Map Service 1.3 Interface Standard.

OGC develops standards that make spatial information easy to discover and use on the Web, in wireless and location-based services, and in mainstream IT. For some OGC standards, the OGC Compliance Program provides compliance tests that implementers can use to validate that their implementations of OGC standards conform to the rules specified in the standards.

To provide potential customers with assurance that the product correctly implements the standard, implementers can ask OGC to certify that the product correctly implements the standard. OGC certified products are listed in the OGC Compliant Products Database. Organizations procuring or using software use the OGC Compliant Products Database to find software that OGC has tested and certified for correct implementation of OGC standards.


Figure: WMS 1.3 Client test interaction showing the OGC validator and uDIG performing the WMS 1.3 client test.

For many years, the OGC Compliance Program has provided only tests for service interfaces and tests for encodings. Now, for the first time there is a test for clients. The OGC membership recently approved the OGC’s first client test, which is used to certify that clients correctly implement WMS 1.3.

The WMS 1.3 Client test provides a way  to verify that a client sends a valid request to a WMS 1.3 server. The overview page of the test provides a detailed description of the test. The test follows the rules for testing (conformance classes) documented in the OpenGIS® Web Map Server Implementation Specification (OGC 06-042 Annex A.1.1).

The process to test and certify a WMS 1.3 client is as follows:

  1. Go the OGC Validator.
  2. When you log in and start the test you will be provided a URL.
  3. Use the URL in your client, as if you were importing data from a WMS server. Make sure the client performs the following requests:
    1. GetCapabilities: Perform at least one valid request.
    2. GetMap: Perform all get map request for all the layers advertised in the server’s GetCapabilities document.
    3. GetFeatureInfo: Perform at least one GetfeatureInfo valid request.
  4. Finish the test session.
  5. If your client passes the test, go to step 6. If not, send a question to the cite-forum so experts can help you pass the test.
  6. Go to the OGC implementation portal, register your product and link to the session information (from step  4) to get OGC certification.

In the test engine, the server interacting with the client is a deegree server  WMS 1.3 reference implementation. The WMS 1.3 client reference implementation is uDig,  updated by LisaSoft in 2012. The code is available at Github, as are all the other OGC tests.

A video describing how to use the test has been posted to YouTube.