Apps with GeoPackage introduced in DARPA TransApps program

The DARPA Transformative Apps program, or TransApps, is developing a diverse array of militarily-relevant software apps using an innovative new development and acquisition process.  A military apps marketplace will be created to enable rapid innovation to meet user needs based on a direct collaboration between a vibrant and highly competitive development community and involved communities of end-users.  The objectives are to transition the resulting systems to end-users in the Services and to foster a new model for rapidly and effectively acquiring, introducing, maintaining and enhancing software.

One of the TransApps is PanthrTiles, which has an immediate focus on implementing OGC’s GeoPackage format. Another is TileGenerator, which is also moving to support GeoPackage as an output format.

These are two more examples of the fast, broad uptake of GeoPackage in the US military community just weeks after the standard was approved!