Join OGC and our thriving startup community today and learn why it is such a quickly growing consortium of industry leaders, influencers, and more.

Over the course of the last two decades technology has made incredible strides in both scalability, and accessibility creating a new landscape for innovation. Small businesses became more and more agile, being able to provide competitive services, and partner with big industry and government to deliver major benefits, oftentimes through innovation, and with the recent big boom in location technology, geospatial is not an exception.

By leveraging the power of community and standards, and continuing to invest in the future of location, OGC has grown its collective problem solving platform to empower and leverage startups in this new age of collaboration and innovation. Big ideas and big missions are being broken down and delivered by this truly open community of organizations ranging in size and region across the globe, and startups have become a huge part of that process. 

Here are the top five reasons why Startups are growing their impact at OGC

Startups are showcasing their core, leading technologies, and are proving they integrate well with others
Artificial intelligence, machine learning, federated cloud computing, and many other formerly SciFi technologies and schools of thought are now gaining traction across governments and industries through consistent validation and proven use cases. At  OGC, our Innovation Program is helping startups, and other organizations achieve this almost every day.

Between 2017 and 2020, OGC reinvested over six million USD in these technologies through leading governmental and industry sponsors in the name of innovation and startups are a major beneficiary of this funding. By answering a call for participation, providing a short and sweet proposal, and offering open, scalable solutions to better enable these technologies, startups are able to fund their own R&D, and even showcase it at quarterly at OGC Member Meetings, gatherings of hundreds of leading experts from across the globe that work to make location information Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

Startups at OGC make their voices heard in a truly representative community 

Speaking of the OGC Member Meeting, startups are being heard loud-and-clear in the same room as organizations across the globe of all shapes and sizes in our standards and domain working groups, forums that help foster better open data practices, our Innovation Program, and even at the consortium’s organizational level. Without the voices of agile organizations being heard, innovation would only fall behind the curve. Startup voices are crucial.

With a Regional Forum, Member Meeting, or Working Group meeting happening almost every month, OGC offers many platforms for a startup to get out in front of a diverse audience and share what lies ahead in all things involving location technologies. Every member is heard to help advance standards and innovation for the good of society.

OGC is an Incubator for Startups to engage, collaborate, and partner, removing barriers for organizations across the world

Growing, investing, and partnering is crucial to the successful future of a startup organization, and OGC works tirelessly to help raise up the voices of startups to help lower barriers and create synergies between organizations. Through this shared vision, members across the globe regularly partner and collaborate together constantly. OGC members such as Cesium and Epic Games are a great example of this.

The Cesium Platform for 3D Geospatial Data harnesses the power of 3D location data, and is more accessible than ever before now that it is available on the Unreal Engine owned by Epic Games. Both organizations have a passion for making open, flexible solutions, and they serve as one example of many partnering organizations that exist in the OGC ecosphere. 

OGC serves the location community and its startups as a incubator, innovator, and integrator

Startups are lowering barriers to integration and operations by offering open, scalable solutions
In a new era full of increasingly available information, the ability to scale has become a major topic of discussion, and is a necessity across industries. Innovative startups at OGC have been using this as a competitive advantage to help them grow their businesses and technologies at never before seen speeds. 

Take OGC APIs, the Building Blocks for Location, for example. They are interoperable, implementer friendly, and being developed by hundreds of experts across the globe, many of which are startup organizations. They are building the future of scalable information alongside their peers.

OGC APIs make it easier to provide maps and geospatial data to the web than ever before. They allow organizations to publish and access high-quality information in almost any format and visualize it in the most effective ways possible. This ranges from large-scale earth observation information all the way down to Sensors. OGC member SensorUp, has been spearheading this as a leading startup in making this information FAIR.

Startups across the globe are using OGC APIs, the Building Blocks for Location, see why.

In order to help organizations create, maintain, and easily access well organized, actionable information, SensorUp participates in many OGC Standards Working Groups (SWGs) including, SensorThings API, Observation and Measurement, IndoorGML, CityGML, and more. This diversity in technology applications allows the company to provide solutions that are agile, interoperable, and user-friendly.

SensorUp is very encouraged to see sensor-rich communities from non-typical geospatial communities adopting OGC sensor standards and optimizing their operations through AI and ML,” said Liang. “With such proliferation of sensor technologies, the major strides seen in industry over the previous decade will soon turn out to have been only the dawn of a bright future for IoT and sensor information.”

There has never been a better time for a startup to be in geospatial

Startups are essential to the future of any new, leading technology, and this is no exception in the world of location. Through collective problem solving, the organization encourages diversity, growth, scalability, and more to help startups continue to provide their missions for the good of society.

Not convinced? Join OGC for a startup session at one of our upcoming Member Meetings and see how they are leading the way in open standards, providing benefits to the community, and getting value back tenfold. Member Meetings are a proven way to share your brand globally, connect with potential partners and clients, and contribute to the work of the location community. 

Join OGC and our thriving startup community today and learn why it is such a quickly growing consortium of industry leaders, influencers, and more.


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