The Value of OGC Membership

OGC members and partners represent a wide range of private, public, academic, research, and non-governmental organizations, each united in a common desire to better share information about the world we live in.  OGC forms a community where diverse viewpoints, expertise, and interests come together to collaborate and innovate in the increasingly broad technological environment defined by its use of “location-based information.”
Our list of current members exemplifies the diversity and breadth of the domains collaborating across the OGC Community. 

 Join the OGC

Value for your Industry or Sector

Business Development
Competitive Technical Advantage
Global Brand Exposure
Funding for Innovation

Innovation and Market Support
Trusted Advice
International Partnerships
Operational Policy Support and Certification

Research and Academia
Applied Research Partners
Funding for Innovation
International Collaboration

Meet with Other Experts to Share Knowledge 
OGC’s quarterly Member Meetings are attended by the world’s foremost experts in location-based information technologies, and provide a neutral ground where even competitors work together to solve shared problems. The respected open environment ensures there is straightforward communication, easy access, and simplified knowledge-transfer between members.
Whether an attendee is searching for partners or new clients, working on a tough technical challenge, defining end-user requirements, or collaboratively testing new approaches and technologies, OGC Member Meetings provide a unique and fertile environment.

Display Global Leadership by Influencing International Standards
OGC members lead global development priorities by contributing requirements, sponsoring Innovation Initiatives, implementing and commercializing products with cutting-edge technologies, and shaping the standards that will power the location-based technologies of tomorrow.

Contribute to Innovative Technologies
OGC Members gain access to the Consortium’s adaptive, inclusive, well-balanced, and trusted programs & processes that have created a powerful and highly valued ecosystem of technological innovation undominated by a single industry or organization. 
OGC’s unique Innovation Program provides a globally recognized, collaborative, cost-sharing process where OGC members come together in an R&D capacity to solve problems, produce prototypes, develop demonstrations, provide best practices, and advance the future of standards.

What is the Specific Value for my Organization ?
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