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OGC Seeks Public Comment on OGC API – Maps – Part 1: Core Candidate Standard

OGC API – Maps defines web APIs that can serve spatially referenced electronic maps in a manner independent of the underlying data store.

Three reasons why New Space is valuable to the location community – and vice-versa

“Everybody has to have an interest in solving global problems. Unless one has entirely lost touch with reality. – And such people do exist.” Dennis…

Man and woman in front of computer overlaid with banner text inviting developers to the OGC Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint

Developers Invited to the 2023 OGC Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint

Online and in-person Code Sprint, June 12-14, will support the development and maturation of Open Standards and Projects that use tiles to transfer and represent geospatial information.

How’s the weather up there?

One of Canada’s oldest government institutions, MSC, is also one to keep up with the times by using the latest technologies in its quest to help Canadians make informed decisions about their health and safety and economic prosperity.

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The 2023 OGC Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint – How it went!

On June 12-14, 2023, OGC held its 2023 Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint at OGC Strategic Member NGA’s Moonshot Labs in St. Louis, Missouri. The code sprint focused on a select set of Application Programming Interface (API), database, and encoding standards related to map tiles.

Reflecting on the May 2021 OGC API Code Sprint

APIs have proven to be a popular and very effective enabler of rapid software development. This is more so in web mapping, where a combination…