OGC Two Dimensional Tile Matrix Set


The OGC Tile Matrix Set standard defines the rules and requirements for a tile matrix set as a way to index space based on a set of regular grids defining a domain (tile matrix) for a limited list of scales in a Coordinate Reference System (CRS) as defined in [OGC 08-015r2] Abstract Specification Topic 2: Spatial Referencing by Coordinates. Each tile matrix is divided into regular tiles. In a tile matrix set, a tile can be univocally identified by a tile column a tile row and a tile matrix identifier. This document presents a data structure defining the properties of the tile matrix set in both UML diagrams and in tabular form. This document also presents a data structure to define a subset of a tile matrix set called tile matrix set limits. XML and JSON encodings are suggested both for tile matrix sets and tile matrix set limits. Finally, the document offers practical examples of tile matrix sets both for common global projections and for specific regions.

If you are interested in a service that uses this model, please consider visiting OGC WMTS.

If you are interested in a format that stores tiles using this model, please consider visiting OGC GeoPackage.

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Tile Matrix Set

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