Sensor Observation Service


The SOS standard is applicable to use cases in which sensor data needs to be managed in an interoperable way. This standard defines a Web service interface which allows querying observations, sensor metadata, as well as representations of observed features. Further, this standard defines means to register new sensors and to remove existing ones. Also, it defines operations to insert new sensor observations. This standard defines this functionality in a binding independent way; two bindings are specified in this document: a KVP binding and a SOAP binding.


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Document title Version OGC Doc No. Type
OGC® Sensor Observation Service Interface Standard 2.0 12-006 IS
OpenGIS Sensor Observation Service 1.0.0 06-009r6 IS
OGC® Sensor Observation Service 2.0 Hydrology Profile 1.0 14-004r1 BP
OGC® Best Practice for Sensor Web Enablement Lightweight SOS Profile for Stationary In-Situ Sensors 1.0 11-169r1 BP
Sensor Observation Service 0.1.4 05-088r1 D-DP
OGC Sensor Observation Service 2.0 Hydrology Profile 14-004 D-DP

Official model files and encoding schemas


Sensor Observation Service, SOS

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