PipelineML Conceptual and Encoding Model Standard


The OGC PipelineML Conceptual and Encoding Model Standard defines concepts supporting the interoperable interchange of data pertaining to oil and gas pipeline systems. PipelineML supports the common exchange of oil and gas pipeline information. This initial release of the PipelineML Core addresses two critical business use cases that are specific to the pipeline industry: new construction surveys and pipeline rehabilitation. This standard defines the individual pipeline components with support for lightweight aggregation. Additional aggregation requirements such as right-of-way and land management will utilize the OGC LandInfra standards with utility extensions in the future. Future extensions to PipelineML Core will include (non-limitative): cathodic protection, facility and safety. PipelineML was advanced by an international team of contributors from the US, Canada, Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil, and Korea.

This standard assumes the reader has a basic understanding of oil and gas pipeline industry concepts.


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Document title Version OGC Doc No. Type
OGC PipelineML Conceptual and Encoding Model Standard 1.0 18-073r2 IS

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