Open GeoSMS Standard – Core


The OGC Open GeoSMS Standard provides developers with an extended Short Message Service (SMS) encoding and interface to facilitate communication of location content between different LBS (Location-Based Service) devices or applications. SMS is the open text communication service standard most commonly used in phone, web and mobile communication systems for the exchange of short text messages between fixed line or mobile phone devices. The lightweight and easy to implement Open GeoSMS Standard facilitates interoperability between mobile applications and the rapidly expanding world of geospatial applications and services that implement OGC standard interfaces, encodings and best practices.


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Document title Version OGC Doc No. Type
OGC®: Open GeoSMS Standard – Core 1.0 11-030r1 IS
OGC®: Open GeoSMS Specification 0.2.1 09-142r1 D-DP

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