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This OGC® IndoorGML standard specifies an open data model and XML schema for indoor spatial information. IndoorGML is an application schema of OGC® GML 3.2.1. While there are several 3D building modelling standards such as CityGML, KML, and IFC, which deal with interior space of buildings from geometric, cartographic, and semantic viewpoints, IndoorGML intentionally focuses on modelling indoor spaces for navigation purposes.

Additional Resources – Public Site

For more information on IndoorGML including developer resources and information on in-progress work, please visit http://www.indoorgml.net/ . For the official OGC member approved versions of the standard, see the Download information below.


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Document title Version OGC Doc No. Type
OGC® IndoorGML 1.1 1.1 19-011r4 IS
OGC® IndoorGML – with Corrigendum 1.0.3 14-005r5 ISC
OGC® IndoorGML – with Corrigendum 1.0.2 14-005r4 ISC
OGC® IndoorGML 1.0 14-005r3 IS

Official model files and encoding schemas



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