Geospatial User Feedback (GUF)


This standard defines a conceptual Geospatial User Feedback (GUF) data model (OGC 15-097) and a practical XML encoding of the conceptual model (OGC 15-098). Geospatial User Feedback is metadata that is predominantly produced by the consumers of geospatial data products as they use and gain experience with those products. The standard allows for documenting feedback items such as ratings, comments, quality reports, citations, significant events, etc. about the usage of the data. Feedback items can be aggregated in collections and summaries of the collections can also be described. This standard complements existing metadata conventions whereby documents recording dataset characteristics and production workflows are generated by the creator, publisher, or curator of a data product. As a part of metadata, the GUF data model reuses some elements of ISO 19115-1:2014 (the updated version of the OGC Abstract Specification Topic 11) but not the general structure. This selective use of ISO metadata elements prioritizes interoperability with developing ISO metadata models. The conceptual encoding is designed to be used combination with an encoding standard. Initially an XML encoding following the ISO 19139 encoding rules is specified in a separate OGC implementation standard (OGC 15-098). In the future other encodings may be defined, including examples such as the use of JSON-LD based on parts of


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