Filter Encoding


This jointly developed OGC and ISO TC/211 International Standard describes an XML and KVP encoding of a system neutral syntax for expressing projections, selection and sorting clauses collectively called a query expression. These components are modular and intended to be used together or individually by other standards which reference this International Standard.


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Document title Version OGC Doc No. Type
OGC Filter Encoding 2.0 Encoding Standard – With Corrigendum 2.0.3 09-026r2 ISC
OpenGIS Filter Encoding 2.0 Encoding Standard 2.0 09-026r1 IS
Filter Encoding Implementation Specification Corrigendum 1 1.1.0c1 04-095c1 D-IS
OpenGIS Filter Encoding Implementation Specification 1.1 04-095 D-IS
Filter Encoding 1.0 02-059 D-IS

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Filter Encoding

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