The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), working with Digital Unit of the City of Leipzig, is excited to host several sessions at Data Week Leipzig ‘23, which runs from June 26-30, 2023, in Leipzig, Germany.

Data Week Leipzig is an innovative networking and exchange event that highlights scientific, economic, and social perspectives of data and its use, and where industry, citizens, science, and public authorities can enter into dialogue. Special topics of Data Week Leipzig 2023 are the European Green Deal, NetZero Cities, and sustainable, resilient development. Digital strategies will be presented and discussed from the European to the local Leipzig City level.

From Monday to Wednesday, OGC will present across topics such as Data Spaces, The European Green Deal, Urban Platforms, Semantics, FAIR data and services, and some of the numerous EC-funded projects that OGC is involved with.

In addition to discussions surrounding EU Data Spaces, you are invited to extend your abstract and presentation and submit a scientific paper for a special issue of the open access journal Remote Sensing with the theme “Earth Observation Data in Environmental Data Spaces.”

Monday at Data Week Leipzig ‘23 has the theme of “European Innovation Day” and will paint the Data Spaces vision that Europe is moving towards with the EU Digital Strategy. Across keynotes, demos, and podium discussions, political frames will be discussed in line with technical possibilities and challenges. Findings of the GeoE3 project will be one of the central topics of this day. Several sessions on Data Spaces and Digital Twins will be held across Monday and Tuesday, while Wednesday will focus on Semantics and the “OGC Rainbow” – which represents the state-of-the-art in the context of semantic interoperability. 

OGC and the other Data Week Leipzig organisers welcome attendees to Leipzig to learn and share experiences about the concepts and visions of Data Spaces, Urban Platforms, and other technical solutions that follow the FAIR principles that ensure data remains Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

A special session is dedicated to the recently launched Location Innovation Academy – a free online training program based on the knowledge and ideas generated by the European GeoE3 project. The academy offers a comprehensive set of modules that support modern and cross-border management, integration, processing, and sharing of geospatial data. Courses are available for beginners through to experienced technical experts who want to deepen their skills in, for example, the OGC API family of Standards. The current content of the modules has been produced by an international team of experts from across Europe.

See the full event schedule and register at the Data Week Leipzig website.

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Data Spaces, European Green Deal, FAIR Principles, GeoE3, Location Innovation Academy, OGC Rainbow, Semantic Web, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Urban Platforms