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Don't miss OGC at EGU23

OGC to Present at EGU General Assembly 2023

OGC Staff will present, and be on-hand to answer questions, about our work on Open Standards, Open Data, FAIR Principles, and numerous Projects funded by the European Commission.

OGC to host European Innovation Days at Data Week Leipzig '23

OGC to host European Innovation Days and more at Data Week Leipzig ‘23

As part of GeoE3, OGC will present on Data Spaces, The European Green Deal, Urban Platforms, Semantics, and FAIR data and services.

Various sensors overlaid with text "OGC SensorThings API for European Green Deal Data Spaces"

OGC SensorThings API for European Green Deal Data Spaces

This post outlines the SensorThings API Standard together with initial results from two Horizon Europe projects on Green Deal Data Spaces: All Data for Green Deal (AD4GD) and Urban Data Space for Green Deal (USAGE).

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All Data for Green Deal

The project will work towards solutions supporting the generation and test of a data space for green deal related use cases, such as air quality, biodiversity and climate changes. OGC standards will be essential to support interoperability and FAIR solutions.


ACCORD will develop a semantic framework for European digital building permitting processes, regulations, data and tools. This
framework will drive rule formalization and integration of existing compliance tools as microservices. Solutions and tools are to be
developed, providing consistency, interoperability and reliability with national regulatory frameworks, processes and standards. The
solutions are implemented and demonstrated across construction projects in various EU regulatory contexts: UK, Finland, Estonia,
Germany and Spain.


The Horizon Europe USAGE project (Urban Data Space for Green Deal) aims at providing solutions and mechanisms for making city-level environmental and climate data available to everyone based on FAIR principles (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable data). USAGE will support the implementation of the European strategy for data and various European Green Deal priority actions at the level where climate change is mostly felt: urban areas.