Open Science Persistent Demonstrator Q&A

To help gather requirements, gain insights, and effectively deliver the Open Science Persistent Demonstrator, a Request for Information is available alongside a survey for soliciting feedback. The following page is a public listing of the current Open Science Persistent Demonstrator questions and answers.

Question: How much international travel will be required? Start-up meetings etc?
Answer: No travel is anticipated. We will conduct online meetings and only presentations at OGC quarterly Member Meetings are anticipated, and only as desired by the participant.

Question: We are potentially looking at joining as a developer / end user. In terms of staff what sort of commitment are you expecting in terms of days / month, is it two weeks or two days / month, or something in between?
Answer: Essentially, the level of engagement depends on your interests and plans. In addition to this time that only you can plan, we will conduct a 1 day (maybe 2 day depending on participation) kickoff meeting, and a 1 hour weekly meeting as we do with any OGC project. The weekly meeting is a coordination meeting with all participants. Towards the end of the initiative, you should anticipate an extra couple hours per week working on creating the integration into the OSPD system, documentation, and final presentations / videos. In summary, we expect a commitment to participate in the kick-off meeting and the weekly coordination meeting. In addition, we expect the commitment to integrate your developments into the final demonstration.

Question: As a potential resource provider, our data sets are UK centric, is this something that you would be interested in or do they have to be more regional based?
Answer: We are interested in all data, whatever the geocentricity is. We do not want changes to the data / sets themselves just to the ability to Find, Access, Interoperate, and Reuse them.

Question: Once the program kicks-off in January are you expecting it to run with particular milestones in mind?
Answer: Yes, we will define milestones in the Call For Participation and these will be determined somewhat on the responses we get from the RFI.

Question: The document mentions a preferred 3 year commitment with completion in 2025. Are you expecting to run into 2026?
Answer: It is likely we will run into 2026 as our schedule has been pushed back into 2024 a bit further than anticipated. We also anticipate a follow on Call For Participation at the end of this project to continue the OSPD effort.

Question: If I want to take part in development of Open Science Persistent Demonstrator – should I be related to any legal entity?
Answer: You do not need to be related to an established organization to fill in the RFI and be a user of the system once it is developed. However, as described, we are looking to better integrate data systems, platforms, etc., through interoperability for improved use by everyone. If you have models, data, data products, platforms, etc. to plug in please define those in the RFI. If you do not have any of these systems, please fill in the RFI as an end user and what you might be looking for or need.

Question: I suppose my experience in development of web-GIS applications with open-source technologies could be useful for OSPD, but it is a question for me how to take part?
Answer: The best way to potentially take part in the development of the OSPD is to fill in the RFI as best you can. After the RFI is completed OGC will release an Call for Participation. It is at this point that you could propose to participate in the development of the system. If selected, you would need to become a member of OGC to participate so you can have access to the same systems and data that all other participants would have.

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