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OGC Solicits Requests for Quotation in Support of a Military Pilot Project

Sponsored by the US Army Engineering and Development Center (ERDC), this pilot project will draw on technology developers and integrators to demonstrate the power of OGC specifications and interoperable products in support of national, multinational and coalition defense operations.Additional details on the Military Pilot Project and the Phase I Request for Quotation can be found at .OGCs fast-track Interoperability Program, organized to work in conjunction with its consensus-based specifications process, accelerates the development of interoperable infrastructures by means of hands on prototyping.As part of OGCs Interoperability Program, the WMT MPP will benefit from OGC proven practices to deliver results in minimal time.For additional information, please contact Mr. Jeff Harrison, the Interoperability Program Director for OGC, at (703) 628-8655, or.

OGC Launches the Open Location Services Initiative

Arlington, VA, February 1, 2001 Open GIS Consortium (OGC) held a Sponsors meeting January 30 to announce the launch of the first test bed of the Open Location Services (OpenLS) Initiative.With the OpenLS Initiative, OGC will deliver open specification interfaces for interoperable location-based application services and client applications by using its collaborative, rapid-paced, hands-on engineering program.Many industry analysts believe that open standards will be a catalyst in the growth of the nascent location services industry and will greatly facilitate the efforts of both buyers and providers of interoperable location-based applications and services.OGC introduced plans for harmonizing OpenLS specifications with other industry forums and standards organizations such as the Location Interoperability Forum (LIF).Several OGC OpenLS harmonization liaison efforts already underway drew support and positive feedback from the industry participants.

Mark Reichardt Joins OGC Staff

On December 12, 2000, the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) announced that Mark Reichardt joined the OGC team in November 2000 as Director of Marketing and Public Sector Programs.Mr. Reichardt joins OGC after leaving a successful 20-year career with the federal government.Since 1980, Mr. Reichardt has been involved in key federal mapping and geospatial programs.David Schell, President of OGC, said about Mr. Reichardts new role, We are extremely fortunate to have Mark Reichardt working for OGC.In this position, Mr. Reichardt helped to establish globally compatible national and regional SDI practices in Africa, South America, Europe, and the Caribbean.

OGC Announces Web Mapping Testbed Military Pilot Project

The Web Mapping Testbed Military Pilot Project (WMT MPP) will bring the combined technological skills and problem solving power of over 200 OGC member companies and organizations to the complex interoperability challenges facing next-generation military geospatial infrastructure development.The objectives of the WMT MPP are to: – Incrementally evolve a multinational technology base and vendor pool.- Develop and demonstrate prototype interoperable infrastructures based on OGC Specifications and configuration-controlled commercial components.- Promote interoperable geospatial infrastructure development in classified and unclassified network environments.David Schell, President of OGC explained, The Web Mapping Testbed Military Pilot Project is an excellent opportunity for defense and intelligence organizations to strengthen communications, affect the interoperable technology development process, and reduce the cost of realizing standards-conformant geospatial infrastructures.

OGC Announces Wireless Location Services Initiative

The goal of the OpenLS Initiative is to develop standards needed by industry to support implementation of the location services invoked by mobile or wireless Internet devices.OGCs Interoperability Program is well suited to meet the immediate needs of the wireless location services for gateway access to the location content of the Internet.2) Gateway Services that integrate location application services with common mobile terminals, wireless platforms, Internet Protocol (IP) platforms, and/or mobile position determination systems that operate between wireless-IP systems and location application servers.3) OGC Services Framework, or services and content protocols that have been developed and tested in previous OGC testbed and specification initiatives.However, the great social and commercial value offered by Location Services to anyone, anywhere depends upon the implementation of a consistent infrastructure of standard Location Service interfaces.

Sam Bacharach Joins OGC Staff

The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) announced today that Sam A. Bacharach joined OGCs staff in March as Interoperability Program Manager.In this role, Mr. Bacharach is responsible for the management of testbeds, demonstrations, prototypes, pilot programs, reference implementations, and technology insertion plans that advance OpenGIS standards for geospatial processing.Before he worked for Intergraph, Mr. Bacharach was a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Topographic Officer.Mr. Bacharach had early army experience as a Military Intelligence Officer in the early 1970s in Germany and then as a Combat Engineer in the early 1980s.Mr. Bacharach holds a Bachelor of Science, Journalism and Master of Science Geography from the University of Idaho, Moscow, ID.

Jeff Harrison Joins OGC Staff

The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) announced today that Jeffrey G. Harrison joined OGCs staff in August as an Interoperability Program Specialist.Mr. Harrison is also responsible for enlisting the support and involvement of US Federal, State and Local Government sectors in OGCs Interoperability Initiatives.Prior to joining OGC, Mr. Harrison was the Program Manager for the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC) Web Mapping Technology (WMT) Program.Prior to joining ERDC, Mr. Harrison held various project and program management positions with the U.S. Department of Defense.Mr. Harrison is a regular speaker on interoperable geoprocessing technology at technical conferences, meetings, seminars, and symposia.

OGC Names Jeff Burnett VP Operations & Finance

WAYLAND, Mass.–July 10, 2000-The Board of Directors of the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) recently approved the appointment of Jeff Burnett as Vice President, Operations and Finance.Jeff Burnett joins OGCs staff with over 20 years of experience in the information technology industry, including senior marketing and product management roles in both large and small software and systems companies, including Digital Equipment Corporation and Masscomp.David Schell, president of OGC, said, “OGC is extremely fortunate to have Jeff Burnett assuming these responsibilities in OGC during a period of rapid growth.Jeff brings the kind of experience and perspective we need to make a smooth transition as we expand our presence in the industry.OGCs 225 industry, government, and academic member organizations participate in a consensus process to integrate geoprocessing and location services into the worlds information infrastructures.

OGC Web Mapping Testbed Phase 2 RFQ Released

On April 28, 2000 the Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) issued a Request For Quotation (RFQ) and Call for Participation in the Web Mapping Testbed Phase 2, an OGC Interoperability Program Initiative.Like the highly successful first phase of the Web Mapping Testbed, the WMT-2 testbed project will – Employ spiral engineering methodologies with extensive participation of the commercial sector.- Ensure applicability of resulting interface specifications by performing integration of different vendor implementations of the interface specifications in integration experiments.Following the conclusion of WMT-1, testbed sponsors and participants provided requirements and requests for items to be considered during WMT-2.The on-going OGC Web Mapping Testbed Upper-Susquehanna Lackawanna (WMT USL) Pilot Project ( ) is also a source of requirements, requests, and new technical components for WMT-2.

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