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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on the CDB Version 2.0 Core Standard and related CDB Version 2.0 GeoPackage Profile for CDB 1.x Datastores Standard. Comments are due by August 25, 2023.

The CDB Standard defines an open, deterministic structure and rules for the storage, access, and modification of a synthetic environment data store. A synthetic environment is a computer simulation that represents activities at a high level of realism – from simulation of theaters of war to factories and manufacturing processes. These environments may be created within a single computer, a distributed network, or in the cloud, and can be augmented by realistic special effects and accurate behavioral models.

The CDB synthetic environment is a representation of the natural environment including features such as human-made structures and systems. A CDB data store can include terrain relief and imagery, 3D models of natural and human-made cultural features, 3D models of dynamic vehicles, the ocean surface, and the ocean bottom, including features (both natural and human-made) on the ocean floor. In addition, the data store can include the specific attributes of the synthetic environment data as well as their relationships.

CDB Version 2.0 is a major revision to the CDB Standard that restructures the Standard into a series of technology and domain independent Parts that can then be profiled for a variety of applications and information communities. These application domains could include analytics, simulation, digital twins, and the metaverse. 

An overarching design principle is that a CDB data store is focused on the ability to store, manage, and access extremely large volumes of geographic content and related assets, such as model definitions, in as deterministic manner as possible.

This major revision to the OGC CDB Standard is the result of numerous OGC Interoperability Experiments, Sprints, SWG discussions, and general input and feedback from the OGC Membership, the CDB User base, and the broader Simulation Community. 

The full CDB v2.0 Standard will consist of a fundamental Core, Parts (extensions to the core), and Application Profiles. The Core consists of requirements and conformance classes that must be complied with in any extension, application profile, and implementation. 

A CDB compliant structured data store provides a geospatial content and model repository that is plug-and-play interoperable between applications within – and potentially between – domains. In the CDB context, a domain represents an information community, such as gaming, tactical analysis, or simulation, that has a common set of requirements for data content and access. A CDB structured data store can therefore be used as a common online repository that provides CDB-compliant clients with simultaneous, real-time read/write access to geospatial data.

The intent is that implementations of CDB 2.0 will significantly reduce runtime-source level and algorithmic correlation errors, while reducing development, update, and configuration management timelines.

CDB Version 2.0 GeoPackage Profile for CDB 1.x Datastores Standard

Also for Public Comment is the optional CDB Version 2.0 GeoPackage Profile for CDB 1.x Datastores Standard. The Profile specifies the behavior and requirements for encoding vector data in a GeoPackage container for use in a CDB 1.x and later data store. The requirements and related guidance are grounded in the CDB 2.0 Fundamental Core Requirements Classes, CDB 1.3 Requirements for file naming and attribution, and the GeoPackage Standard core requirements for vector data.

The Profile, based on CDB Version 2.0: Core requirements, is designed to be consistent and backwards compatible with CDB version 1.2 and later CDB compliant datastores. As such, it is considered part of the CDB 1.2 and later family of CDB Standards.

OGC Members interested in staying up to date on the progress of the CDB standard, or contributing to its development, are encouraged to join the CDB SWG via the OGC Portal. Non-OGC members who would like to know more about participating in this SWG are encouraged to contact the OGC Standards Program.

The candidate OGC CDB Core v2.0 Standard (22-002) (.HTML) and the OGC CDB Version 2.0 GeoPackage Profile for CDB 1.x Datastores Standard (23-035) (.PDF) are available for review and comment on the OGC Portal. Comments are due by August 25, 2023, and should be submitted, separately, via the method below.

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Comments can be submitted to a dedicated email reflector for a period ending on the “Close request date” listed above. Comments received will be consolidated and reviewed by OGC members for incorporation into the document. Please submit your comments via this email address, using this Comments Template for the message body. We kindly request that comments for these two standards be submitted separately from each other.

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