PubSub SWG


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Group Description:

The SWG shall review existing material, e.g. in form of OGC Engineering Reports and Standards (both OGC and external), to produce a version 1.0 implementation standard that clearly defines how to enable publish/subscribe functionality for OGC Web Services in a common way. If applicable, this standard may be a component of the OWS Common suite of standards. The items that need to be addressed by the SWG include:

1.      Write a core document that clearly defines the requirements for enabling publish/subscribe functionality.

2.      Write extension documents that define how to realize the core publish/subscribe functionality for a specific service binding (e.g. SOAP, POX, RESTful) – for the bindings the SWG decides to support in the initial version of the standard.

3.      Develop examples and – if necessary to enable core functionality – conceptual models and their XML Schema implementation (e.g. for notification metadata).

4.      Address any other technical and/or editorial issues that arise during the review period.

Only those functional requirements and comments submitted through the formal process as identified in the Policy and Procedures shall be addressed. Items suggested through emails, vocal discussions, etc. will be outside of the scope of this SWG unless the SWG decides to include them.