Wayland, Mass., July 22, 2009 –The OGC Technical Committee recently approved four Naming Authority policies, an OGC Compliance Test Language (CTL) Best Practice, and a policy for writing and publishing OGC Standards.

The OGC has an officially registered Uniform Resource Name (URN) as defined in the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) RFC 5165 and as registered with IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). The OGC members have approved a set of policies and procedures for submitting URN proposals, reviewing such proposals, and providing the infrastructure for maintaining an OGC registry of resources, including URNs. These policies and procedures are set forth in the following “OGC Policy Directives,” available at: https://www.ogc.org/about-ogc/policies/ :

— OGC Naming Authority – Policies and Procedures (OGC 09-046r1)

— OGC Naming Authority – Name type specification – documents – Policies and Procedures (OGC 09-047r1)

— OGC Naming Authority – Name type specification – definitions: Part 1 – Basic Name – Policies and Procedures (OGC 09-048r2)

— OGC Naming Authority – Name type specification – specification elements – Policies and Procedures Document (OGC 09-049r1).

The OGC’s new Policy Directives for Writing and Publishing OGC Standards: TC Decisions (OGC 06-135r7) is also available at https://www.ogc.org/about-ogc/policies/

The OGC Compliance Test Language version 0.6 – Best Practice (06-126r2) document is available at: https://www.ogc.org/standards/bp.

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