19 May 2014 – The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) 3D Information ManagementDomain Working Group (3DIM) is hosting its third 3D Summit as part of the OGC'sJune 2014 Technical Committee meeting in Geneva, Switzerland on 12 June 2014,8:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  The primary topic for this year's 3D Summit is State of the Art in 3D,with particular focus on the following aspects: 

1. Technologies: Topics and technologies which have notbeen exposed to the OGC community.

2. Applications: Things you cannot do in 2D.

3. Management: Building Information Modeling (BIM) and thebuilt environment.

This 3D Summit will also include the award of the second 3DIM Award for exceptional use of 3D standards.

Associated with the 3D Summit will be the 3D Geneva Geospatial Showcase, aninteractive walk-through of Geneva demonstrating innovative use of various 3Ddata sets and applications in an urban space.

The past 3D Summits in Boston and Boulder were very wellattended and provided excellent forums for discussion of the use of OGC andother 3D standards in the more broad community.  Held for the first timein Europe, the event aims to establish the State of the Art in Geospatial 3D byshort presentations and discussions with industry-leading technologists.

The organizers of the 3D Summit invite potential presenters to submitshort abstracts (less than 300 words) of their topics by 22 May 2014. Presenters are requested to indicate whether they would prefer to make 20minute presentations or 5 minute “lightning talks” and to which of the threeaspects (mentioned above) the talk relates. Selection of abstracts forfinal presentation at the 3D Summit will be made by a committee of OGC staff,the 3DIM chairs, and the previous recipient of the 3DIM Award by 27 May 2014.

Please submit abstracts to 3dsummit@opengeospatial.org.

See the OGC Technical Committee Meetingpage forinformation about OGC Technical Committee Meeting registration, meetingschedule, accommodations, local information and travel.

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