The goal of the Open Routing API Pilot 2019 is to develop an API that allows requesting routes from different providers in a coherent, standardized way via Web protocols. The pilot will develop a route model and Web-friendly API to be served by the latest generation of OpenAPI-based Web Processing Services.

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) invites interested members & non-members to participate in the OGC Open Routing API Pilot 2019.

Road network data, routing and navigation algorithms, as well as implementations for route calculation, are available from many providers and sources. While diversity in the marketplace is generally beneficial to consumers of route information, it makes the integration, overlay, or comparison of routes from different routing services a complex process. Consumers are offered route assistance derived from different road and network characteristics, based on different information models and served in different formats. Further, the routing services themselves offer non-standard interfaces with varying query models and parameter options.

This pilot addresses these interoperability issues and expands the ability of routing services to incorporate diverse data, routing algorithms, and planning parameters in a standardized way. The pilot will generate a JSON-based route model for route exchange, comparison, and integration. The pilot will also leverage the emerging next generation of OGC Web Service interface definitions based on OpenAPI to define an API for interacting with route services in a standard manner.

This Pilot will demonstrate a standards-based solution for a variety of online and offline routing situations. Consumers will request and share routes using desktop clients, browser-based apps, and mobile apps. These clients will variously interact with online services, local routing engines that work on route network data stored in local GeoPackages, or hybrid combinations of both.

This Initiative is being conducted under the OGC Innovation Program, the Research and Development (R&D) laboratory of OGC. In OGC's Innovation Program, sponsors and OGC members come together to address geospatial IT challenges in a joint, cooperative manner. Since 1999, more than 110 successful initiatives have taken place.

To learn more about this Pilot, including how to join, please visit the Open Routing Pilot API 2019 webpage or contact The Call For Participation is available to download from the OGC Portal as either HTML or PDF versions.

While any interested party is encouraged to apply to participate, an active OGC membership is required at the time of participation. Learn more about becoming an OGC member, and the advantages that membership brings.


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