Wayland, MA, USA, September 17, 2001 – The Open GIS Consortium, Inc. (OGC) and The Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) held a workshop in early September to teach two dozen students the basics of implementing OpenGIS® Web Map Server (WMS) based services. The workshop aimed to connect new local government hosted map servers with National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) Clearinghouse data catalogs to enable greater use of spatial information. Attendees were recipients of FGDC Cooperative Agreement Program funding geared to help local organizations integrate NSDI Clearinghouse and Web Mapping capabilities. Instructors included OGC and FDGC staff and support from OGC member companies SAIC, Compusult, and ESRI.Attendee Alison Slaats of MetroGIS, Minneapolis, MN, found the three-day event successful, commenting, “The workshop provided an excellent overview of the OpenGIS compliant WMS, including the WMS specification, WMS server examples and a demonstration of several WMS clients. The lectures given by several experts from FGDC, OGC and members of industry combined with the hands-on exercises provided me with the knowledge and confidence to go home and implement WMS.”As part of the 2000 and 2001 CAP program, the FGDC provided assistance to twelve state and local GIS organizations to address Clearinghouse Integration with Web Mapping. Each recipient works with FGDC, OGC and integrators to enhance existing GIS data servers to support OGC interfaces and link the servers to National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse.The FGDC CAP Grant program, begun in 1994, has worked to provide “seed money” to communities willing to advance the National Spatial Data Infrastructure through the establishment of Clearinghouses, metadata, and data standards consistent with the NSDI goals. Recently, FGDC added OGC Web Mapping to the CAP program to stimulate the implementation of web map servers that could make available spatial data found through metadata searches in the national spatial data clearinghouse network. Approximately $1,000,000 was available for the FY 2001 CAP program in four different areas, including Clearinghouse Integration with Web Mapping.For further information about the Web Map CAP Workshop, please contact Inquiries Mr. Jeff Harrison, Director of OGC Interoperability Programs, jharrison@opengeospatial.org , or (703) 491-9543.OGC is an international industry consortium of over 220 companies, government agencies and universities participating in a consensus process to develop publicly available geoprocessing specifications. OpenGIS Specifications support interoperable solutions that “geo-enable” the Web and mainstream IT, and empower technology developers to make complex spatial information and services accessible and useful with all kinds of applications. Visit the OGC website at www.opengeospatial.org .The FGDC is an interagency committee composed of representatives from 16 Cabinet-level and independent federal agencies. The FGDC — in collaboration with public and private sector organizations — coordinates the development of the NSDI. Visit the FGDC at www.fgdc.gov .– end –“