The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) announces Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as the inaugural recipient of the OGC Community Impact Award. The newly established Award is given by OGC to highlight and recognize those members of the OGC Community who, through their exceptional leadership, volunteerism, collaboration, and investment, have had a positive impact on the wider geospatial community.

The OGC Community Impact award highlights the importance of collaboration, volunteering time and energy, advancing technologies and standards, raising awareness, and helping solve critical issues across the geospatial community. Natural Resources Canada exemplifies all of these qualities through their championing of innovation and standards. They consistently go above and beyond as both an OGC Member, and as a member of the wider geospatial community. 

NRCan has, and continues to, make an impact within the OGC Community through their strong, consistent, and long term support of multiple OGC Working Groups, numerous Collaborative Solutions & Innovation Initiatives, Sprints, and several OGC Member Meetings. This support comes in addition to NRCan’s continued implementation of OGC Standards and technologies for the betterment of Canada and the world. Through all this, NRCan has made positive impacts across multiple areas, most notably in those related to the Arctic, climate, disaster, and marine domains.

The OGC Community Impact Award will be presented to Natural Resources Canada on the evening of Wednesday, 7 June, at the Executive Dinner in the U.S. Space & Rocket Center at the 126th OGC Member Meeting in GeoHuntsville, AL.


Community Impact Award, NRcan