OGC Innovation Program

The OGC Innovation Program is a forum for OGC members to solve the latest and hardest geospatial challenges via a collaborative and agile process. OGC members (sponsors and technology implementers) come together to solve problems, produce prototypes, develop demonstrations, provide best practices, and advance the future of standards. Since 1999, more than 100 funded initiatives have been executed - from small interoperability experiments run by an OGC working group to multi-million dollar testbeds with more than three hundred OGC-member participants.

The first Innovation Program initiative was held in 1999, when the Web Mapping Testbed took place and helped to develop the most popular OGC standard: the Web Map Service (WMS). Today, hundreds of thousands of data layers are available via WMS, and more than ten thousand articles are available related to this subject. 

The OGC Innovation Program has helped advance OGC standards for geospatial data analysis and portrayal, data packaging, on-and-offline usage, data discovery & processing, cloud computing, small & large scale infrastructures, and much more. Today, OGC Innovation Program activities research and develop solutions for all aspects of modern location data, including Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, smart cities, edge computing, blockchain, semantic web, linked data, mobile devices, aviation, disaster management & risk mitigation, among many others. 


Sponsoring an OGC Innovation Program Initiative Participating in an OGC Innovation Program Initiative

OGC Innovation Program Sponsors benefit from:

  • Reducing technology risk through accelerating the development, testing, and acceptance of interoperability standards
  • Staying on top of trends and showing leadership in their domain
  • Expanding the market through industry adoption of new standards and best practices
  • Mobilizing new technologies based on real-world experience
  • Participating in a cost-effective method to share expertise and development 
  • Engaging world-class experts to develop a solution to your geospatial challenges
  • Consulting international perspectives when solving your challenge

Learn more about sponsoring an Innovation Program initiative in the video below.

OGC Innovation Program Participants benefit from:

  • Access to funded research & development 
  • Reduced development costs, risks, and lead-time of new products or solutions
  • Close relationships with potential customers
  • First-to-market competitive advantage on the latest geospatial innovations
  • Influence on the development of global standards
  • Partnership opportunities within our community of experts
  • Broader market reach via the recognition that OGC standards bring

Learn more about participating in an Innovation Program initiative in the video below.


OGC Innovation Program initiatives promote rapid prototyping, testing, and validation of technologies, such as location standards or architectures. Within an initiative, OGC Members test and validate draft specifications to address geospatial interoperability requirements in real-world scenarios, business cases, and applied research topics. This approach not only encourages rapid technology development, but also determines the technology maturity of potential solutions and increases the technology adoption in the marketplace. All OGC Innovation Program Initiatives are governed by a set of proven Innovation Program Policies and Procedures that provide a detailed overview of all OGC Innovation Program Initiative types, their linkages to Technology Readiness Levels, execution processes, and other organizational details.


IP Pool

To best support the technical architecture and management of these initiatives, the OGC Innovation Program relies on an Innovation Program Pool. The IP Pool is a set of world-wide OGC- member experts in various domains that have been pre-qualified to support future OGC Innovation Program initiatives. 

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