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March 27, 2024 1:30 pm — March 27, 2024 6:30 pm


TU Delft, The Netherlands

Participation in the GeoBIM Summit is free and open to all. See registration details below.

In the Building Information Modeling (BIM) world, geographical data about the environment of the construction is becoming increasingly important.

For example, solar studies on individual buildings require the surrounding (geographic) context as input; several construction phases, including building design, assessment, management and complex maintenance planning need to consider representations of wider parts of the built environment. Moreover, sustainability-related assessments of the new buildings might have advantage from a proper inclusion into the building context. On the other hand, in the Geo domain, the need for detailed information about buildings is also growing, such as for analyses that support energy transition or climate adaptation, to support city-level decisions and planning.

There are many initiatives to develop solutions that better facilitate this integration, including projects that realize this integration for a specific use case; automated conversion of data between the two domains; methods to georeference BIM files in a standardized and straightforward way; and profiles for standards that establish the integration for specific use cases.

During this GeoBIM session, such initiatives will be presented as we address the question of “what further is needed to improve the integration?” This will further shape the OGC/buildingSMART Road map on integration of both domains and contribute to the best practices under development.

Participation in the GeoBIM Summit is free and open to all. You must register for the Summit (and the Member Meeting, if desired) at (please find the link to the Summit registration in the section “Summit/Workshop” after you enter the registration system).

Session Agenda:

  • Francesca Noardo, Jantien Stoter (OGC, TU Delft): Welcome (5 min)
  • Freek Boersma (DigiGO)Presentation: DigiDeal GeoBIM (10 min)
  • Paul Churcher (Department of National Defence, Canad): BIM / GIS integration to enable the integrated digital built environment (8 min)
  • Rolf Jonker (City of Rotterdam): GeoBIM for digital permit checking – spaces (8 min)
  • Marcel Reuvers (Netherlands Kadaster): BIM Legal (8 min)
  • Jasper van der Vaart, Amir Hakim (TU Delft): GeoBIM solutions developed for the Horizon Europe funded Change Toolkit for Digital Building Permit project (8 min)
  • Petri Kokko (Sova3D Oy): How 3D city models have been utilized in Finnish municipalities as part of land use processes (8 min)
  • Chikako Kurokawa (Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.): Integration of BIM model into 3D city model in project PLATEAU of Japan (8 min)
  • Tom van Tilburg and Theo Thewessen (Geodan): GeoBIM lessons learnt from Brainport Smart Distric Helmondt (8 min)
  • Mickael Beaufils (BRGM): Geotechnical Data Standardization at the BIM era (8 min)
  • Carsen Roensdorf (Ordnance Survey): GeoBIM in the underground (10 min)
  • BREAK (30 min)
  • Dave Campanas (Safe Software): Enhancing GeoBIM Integration and Automation with FME: Leveraging Open Standards and Real-Time Data Streams for Urban and Airport Digital Twins (8 min)
  • Tamrat Belayneh (Esri): Democratizing BIM data access for Digital Twins using OGC I3S Community (8 min)
  • Eduardo Cortes (Bentley Systems): The integration of BIM and the geospatial context for a resilient future: the remaining challenges (8 min)
  • Jagannath Mallela (WSP): OGC-buildingSMART International, GeoBIM roadmap (10 min)
  • Christian Clemen (University of Applied Sciences Dresden): Report from ISO TC 59/SC 13 & TC 211 JWG 14 (GIS-BIM interoperability) (10 min)
  • Open discussion: what is needed in standardization for better GeoBIM integration? (45 min)


BIM, Building Information Modeling, GeoBIM

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