India Geospatial Leadership Summit – IGLS 2024

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February 20, 2024 12:00 am — February 20, 2024 12:00 am


New Dehli, India

Geospatial Technologies have emerged as catalysts in the vast landscape of India’s national development, steering the country towards precision, efficiency, and sustainable growth. These technologies have become integral to several mission-mode projects and programs that span critical sectors.

Mapping urban spaces, infrastructure planning, and resource allocation are now driven by accurate Geospatial data to make our cities more liveable, sustainable, and economically vibrant. It also helps in efficient water allocation, watershed management, and monitoring water quality for effective water resource management across the country. Geospatial technologies facilitate precision farming, crop monitoring, and yield prediction in agriculture. They bring transparency and efficiency to land administration and governance, robustness and early action in disaster management, and optimized planning and monitoring of utilities.

Today, Geospatial technologies are the bedrock of India’s national development initiatives. The collaborative efforts of government agencies, the private sector, and academia continue to shape a technologically empowered and resilient India. And yet, challenges persist. Ensuring uniform access to Geospatial data, its strategic use and monetization, and continuous capacity building are essential for sustained growth. With this consideration, AGI is hosting its India Geospatial Leadership Summit (IGLS) 2024 on the theme: ‘Geospatial Technologies Accelerating National Development.’


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