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The Mixed Reality to the Edge Concept Development Study (CDS) has completed. The Engineering Report that describes the information from the CDS has been finalized and approved for public release by the OGC Technical Committee. The final report “OGC Mixed Reality to the Edge Concept Development Study” has been posted.


The goal of this Concept Development Study (CDS) was to demonstrate to stakeholders the diversity, richness and value of new and emerging technologies for 3d processing, curation, and analytics in support of users in potentially disconnected computing environments. Specifically, consider from an interoperability perspective what data sources, technologies, analytics and associated IT services that were required for addressing the needs for the convergence of geospatial 3d modelling, simulation, and gaming integrated with machine learning for automated 3d workflows for such activities as enhanced decision support, mission rehearsal, and/or situational understanding. This included the role of AI along with AR and VR for enhanced visualization and decision support.

Specific tasks included, but not limited to, in the study were the following objectives: 



The Mixed Reality to the Edge Workshop took place on April 30th, 2019 at  SOFWERX in Tampa, FL. 

The workshop featured Keynote speakers and three panels in which visionary experts from Defense, Utilities, First Responders, and more provided a short position statements and lead discussion on three main topics:



The Request for Information (RFI) was due March 14, 2019.




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