CityGML Quality IE

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The aim of the CityGML QIE is to:

This will be accomplished by evaluating the quality of existing CityGML data as well as of CityGML sample data sets that have been specifically developed for this experiment with available quality checking tools. The data requirements and recommended implementation guidance will be defined from the insights obtained by these experiments and may serve as input to extend and refine the CityGML standard. This will meet the OGC Membership and community “thirst” for better implementation guidance for each OGC standard, in this case CityGML.

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The CityGML quality IE will focus on these areas:  
•    Definition of data quality
•    Identified set of data quality requirements based on existing material, particularly:
•    Translated SIG3D modeling handbook into English
•    Dutch CityGML implementation report
•    Quality checking of CityGML data
•    Description of validation results
•    Hosting of community resources in order to make the results of this IE accessible to everybody
•    Standard test suite (based on open source software), ideally with test data; potential hosting of test services after the conclusion of the IE subject to commitment of participants for ongoing support    


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