Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Across the Americas Summit – Simulated Exercise

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Disasters are responsible for major socioeconomic damages. Global initiatives call for the improvement of information technology infrastructure to better share data and advance multinational collaboration.

The “Strengthening Disaster Risk Reduction Across the Americas: A Regional Summit on the Contributions of Earth Observations” held on September 3-8 in 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina strengthened the collective ability to share the many challenges of disaster risk reduction in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) while promoting the awareness and better use of earth observations (EO).

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A simulation exercise took place during the summit. The exercise brought together government, emergency managers, earth observation data providers, academics, non-governmental organizations, and commercial companies. The participants assessed the capabilities and needs of policymakers, regional and on-the-ground decision makers, and learned what information products can be produced, and when and how such products are available.

OGC did a press release inviting interested experts in Aug 2017.

A report summarizing the results of the simulated scenario including the post-exercise activity and lessons learned was published in Feb 8, 2018.

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