Rachel Opitz, Ph.D

Senior Director, Collaborative Solutions and Innovation Program
New Jersey, USA

About Me:

Dr. Rachel Opitz is a researcher and team leader with experience in applied remote sensing, integrating digital technologies into organizations’ workflows, and data interoperability. At the OGC, she leads Collaborative Solutions and Innovation Program initiatives. She currently serves as co-chair of the joint ISAP/AARG/EAC Working Party on Remote Sensing, is an affiliated faculty member at the University of Glasgow, and sits on the editorial board of Groma and the Gabii Project Reports Series.

Prior roles include Senior Lecturer in Spatial Archaeometry at the University of Glasgow and Director of the SPARC Program at the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the University of Arkansas. Key past projects include the ipaast-czo, focused on interoperability of geospatial and sensing data between heritage, archaeology, environmental monitoring and precision agriculture, and dataARC, focused on interoperable cyberinfrastructure for long term human-ecodynamics research in the North Atlantic. Her interests include promoting sustainable integrated land management by connecting people’s past actions to their impacts on today’s environment and leveraging interoperable data and systems to address the impacts of climate change.

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