Emergency and Disaster Management Domain Working Group


The Emergency and Disaster Management (EDM) Domain Working Group (DWG) aims to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in all phases of emergency and disaster management. The DWG mission is to foster interoperable geospatial products and other information that can be shared across diverse communities involved in emergency and disaster activities.

Project Scope

The EDM DWG focuses on developing and supporting web service interfaces, models, and schemas that enable efficient discovery, access, sharing, analysis, visualization, and processing of information related to emergency and disaster management. The goal of this DWG is to support mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts through the implementation of best practices and open standards.


The four stages of emergency management are mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Mitigation reduces long-term risks, such as zoning decisions, building codes, and hazard mapping. Preparedness builds disaster response capacity through planning, training, and emergency communication systems. Response actions involve hazard warnings, evacuations, and rescue operations. Recovery focuses on restoring essential systems, such as clearing debris and repairing infrastructure. Interoperable geospatial data and standards are critical throughout these four stages to effectively manage emergencies.

The EDM DWG is a platform that brings together government agencies, research organizations, non-profits, and other stakeholders involved in emergency and disaster management. Its purpose is to align the needs of various organizations to ensure interoperability across platforms. The group emphasizes standards for different emergency scenarios, from small to large-scale events, including those with limited communications and short deployment times.


The EDM DWG undertakes various activities to support its mission:

  • Facilitate discussions on interoperability and standards requirements, including use cases from different organizations involved in emergency and disaster management.
  • Evaluate existing standards and architectures to identify gaps and opportunities for improved interoperability and information sharing.
  • Coordinate with other OGC Technical Committee activities to define requirements and coordinate standards development and maintenance related to EDM objectives.
  • Develop requirements and change requests for consideration by OGC membership and other relevant standards organizations.
  • Encourage or propose interoperability program initiatives, including experiments, pilot projects, and demonstrations to address technical and policy-related challenges.
  • Coordinate with OGC Alliance Partners to identify requirements, advance standards, and promote best practices.
  • Support outreach activities to communicate the benefits of OGC standards and encourage their adoption among users in the emergency and disaster management domain.


The EDM DWG collaborates closely with the OGC Climate Resilience DWG.


Working Group Chairs: Tien-Yin (Jimmy) Chou (Feng Chia University), Paul Churchyard (Health Solutions Research, Inc), Don Sullivan (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA))


Disaster Management, Disaster Monitoring, Disaster Resilience, Disaster Response, Emergency Management

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