Federated Marine SDI 2024

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Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (FMSDI) Pilot 2024 – Connecting Land and Sea

The Call For Sponsors has now closed.
OGC is currently seeking sponsors for the Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (FMSDI) Pilot 2024. Please see the Call For Sponsors document here. Sponsorship applications close January 19, 2024.

The OGC Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (FMSDI) Pilot 2024 seeks to improve the interoperability of land & sea data by developing freely available, open solutions to the real-world problems being faced by sponsoring organizations.

Coasts are complex and dynamic environments that form some of our most important economic and ecological areas. However, data integration is particularly challenging for coastal environments. This is in part because the organizations that manage a country’s marine areas are often separate from those that manage its land. This has led to semantic and technical differences between the data and systems that they each create and maintain – differences that can run as deep as their geographical foundations.

Example scenarios that could be addressed by the FMSDI Pilot 2024 include: ports; slow-onset disasters that cross national boundaries, such as cyclones; Arctic coastal areas; small islands; or other scenarios put forth by Pilot Sponsors.

Technologies and applications that could be accelerated by the Pilot include: digital twins for land & sea; marine cadaster; connecting with the Ocean Science community; water column data; or other areas put forth by Pilot Sponsors.

The 2024 FMSDI Pilot forms the fifth phase of the OGC FMSDI Initiative, which began in September 2021. The ongoing Initiative builds upon the outcomes of Phases one, two, three, and four, as well as other OGC COSI Program Initiatives, such as the Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Concept Development Study, the Maritime Limits and Boundaries Pilot, and the Arctic Spatial Data Pilot

An article outlining the complexities of coastal environments, as well as previous FMSDI phases, was published in GeoConnexion Magazine in 2023 under the title The Complex Interface Of Land And Sea.

The OGC FMSDI Pilot 2024 will be conducted under OGC’s Collaborative Solutions and Innovation (COSI) Program, a collaborative, agile, and hands-on prototyping and engineering environment where sponsors and OGC members come together to address location interoperability challenges while validating international open standards.

The Call for Sponsors has now closed.
Organizations interested in sponsoring the Pilot can downlaod the Call For Sponsors document here, or contact the OGC COSI Program for more information. Sponsorship applications close January 19, 2024.


Cadaster, Digital Twins, Disaster Management, Georegulation, Marine, Ocean Science, Oceans, Ports, science, Spatial Data Infrastructure, Water Column

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