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Smart Cities

Urban areas across the globe are facing enormous challenges: population growth is increasing demand for energy, transport, housing, and other infrastructure while new
technologies – from autonomous transport to IoT and indoor location – are providing solutions
along with whole new challenges. Governments are looking for efficient, sustainable ways to
meet the needs of residents.

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - OGC

Geospatial and Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI)

OGC is advancing innovation through its work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn how the OGC’s GeoAI DWG, Training-DML SWG and COSI programs are contributing to standards and innovation in the area of GeoAI.

Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

The biggest threat facing Earth’s diverse inhabitants continues to increase. The changes to Earth’s climate – wrought through over consumption and the continued burning of fossil fuels – are now resulting in frequent extreme events and disasters.

Marine Geospatial

OGC has been researching and developing solutions for interoperability in and across marine and coastal environments for more than a decade.

Banner announcing Call For Participation in OGC FMSDI Pilot 2023

Connecting Land and Sea for Global Awareness: The OGC Federated Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure Pilot 2023 Calls For Participation

Pilot will investigate how marine navigational data can be used in new ways in the Caribbean, and how Digital Twins can be created for coastal management in Singapore and the Arctic.

Banner requesting public comment on GeoPose implementations

Public Comment requested on GeoPose Implementations before Adoption as OGC Standard

GeoPose is a Standard for expressing and sharing geographically-anchored poses of objects in six degrees of freedom and referenced to a CRS.