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Defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence (D&I) has long been a leading source of technological innovation, and geospatial is no exception. New technologies across industries have taken new roles across D&I, and vice versa, propelling innovation forward.

Geospatial Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning - OGC

Geospatial and Artificial Intelligence (GeoAI)

OGC is advancing innovation through its work on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn how the OGC’s GeoAI DWG, Training-DML SWG and COSI programs are contributing to standards and innovation in the area of GeoAI.

Extension of OGC Testbed-19 CFP

Interoperability and Collaboration from Oceans to Space: OGC Testbed-19 Calls For Participation

OGC Testbed-19 will pave the way towards new levels of interoperability across Geospatial in Space, Machine Learning, Geodatacubes, Analysis Ready Data, Agile Reference Architecture, and High Performance Computing.

Public Comment Requested for standardizing training data for AI/ML applications

OGC Seeks Public Comment on New Standard for Training Data for AI/ML Applications

OGC TrainingDML-AI Standard defines the model and encodings for standardizing any training data used to train, validate, and test Machine Learning models that involve location or time.

Geo AI Banner

A Strong Foundation for GeoAI Innovation

New AI capabilities have reoriented and transformed GIS and Remote Sensing, providing new solutions and greatly increasing efficiency.

Climate, Disaster, and Emergency Communities invited to Innovation Days 2023

Event brings community members together to show what recent OGC work has made possible, and guide OGC on what challenges should be tackled next.