ILIAD – Digital Twin of the Ocean

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ILIAD – Digital Twin of the Ocean

Over 50 Partners are building the solutions and infrastructure to monitor the marine environment with their own and public datasets and services. Distributed components share and process the information, exploiting both edge and High-Performance Computing. The common data model is going to integrate and extend legacy ontologies and vocabularies available for the domain (e.g., Ocean Data Ontology), as well as for related domains such as weather data (e.g., SWEET), APIs models IoT (OGC SensorThings API, SSN / SOSA Ontology, sensorML, Environmental Data Retrieval, OGC APIs suite), statistical and multidimensional data (e.g., RDF data cube vocabulary, QB4ST, and SDMX), Citizen Science data (e.g., RDF review vocabulary, MUTO ontology), and ocean transport/shipping data (e.g., OTM ontologies), data catalogues (DCAT/GeoDCAT-IP). Enhanced interoperability for existing resources and services, with concurrent underlying models and semantics, will be further provided through the OGC Definition Server.

Digital Twin API will then expose the functionalities and data to contribute to the ecosystem of the digital twins of the earth, analytics and modelling. Robust overall solution will be based on the high value of the subcomponents, unique data and ability to work efficiently together.

OGC Involvement

OGC is involved in several areas focusing on Social Science and DTO APIs on the technical side. Standards-based methods to discover, access, and process data of various types and in an appropriate variety of formats will enable open ecosystem integrations and the market of applications. These will be built on the OGC APIs, Environmental Data Retrieval, SensorThings API, sensorML, etc. linked to the multimodel semantic layer provided by the OGC Definition Server.

Also, we are leading standardization and best practice tasks and working on the outreach and dissemination to enable building the solution in the ecosystem of the Digital Twin of the Earth and ensure the sustainability of the solutions.

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