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OGC Testbed-18

OGC Testbeds are OGC’s largest Innovation Program initiatives. Testbeds boost research and development to make location data and information more FAIR: Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-Usable. Testbeds provide a unique opportunity for sponsors to tackle location data and processing challenges together with the world’s leading geospatial IT experts.

ILIAD – Digital Twin of the Ocean

Digital Twin of the Ocean builds a federated, multidimensional representation of the maritime and oceanic ecosystem. The initiative covers the value chain from the smart IoT, satellite Earth Observations, and Citizen Science data to decision-ready information and knowledge. OGC is involved in the standards-based DTO data management APIs definition built on the OGC APIs framework and semantic interoperability of the APIs, Citizen Science, and thematic domains. Finally, we are leading standardization and best practice tasks to enable building the solution in the ecosystem of the Digital Twin of the Earth

Federated Marine SDI Phase 3

The third phase of the Federated Marine SDI Demonstration Pilot focuses on land/sea use cases. It extends the use cases developed in the second phase to add the Arctic region as a new location to the demonstration scenarios. Its overreaching scenario will demonstrate the technology and data used with OGC, IHO, and other community standards in response to a grounding event and the evacuation of a cruise ship or research vessel in the Arctic.