Interoperable Simulation and Gaming (ISG) Sprint (Year 1)

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Sprint Week activities were conducted virtually on September 21-25, 2020. Full initiative results have been published in the ISG Sprint Engineering Report. Additional results are demonstrated in this YouTube Playlist.


The goal of the Sprint was to advance the use of relevant OGC and Khronos standards in the modeling and simulation community through practical exercise and testing of the draft specification produced by the 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot (and the associated YouTube Playlist). Of particular interest was the handling and integration of glTF models coming from multiple sources. There was secondary interest in the spec’s implementability, consistency, completeness, and maturity. Implementation experiences obtained from the Sprint advanced the interests and work of the OGC Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Domain Working Group (ISG DWG) and of the OGC Standards Baseline in general.


This initiative was sponsored by U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM). Proposals from both OGC members and non-members were considered, and nine organizations were selected for participation. Stipend funding was provided to selected OGC members.


The event was a week-long, virtual coding sprint that prototyped organization-chosen features. A single prototype of the entire spec was not feasible, but collectively the team reached as far as possible. Here is the original Call for Participation.

The 3D Data Container and Tiles API Pilot project was built upon work from Testbeds 13 through 15, 3D Tiles, and I3S; combined with the introduction of resource-oriented OGC APIs built on the OpenAPI framework. These provided the foundation for the draft specification that was the test subject of the Sprint.

Several OGC members participated in the Pilot along with the OGC, Khronos Group, and an initiative sponsor to develop the draft spec. This spec allows 2D assets (maps, vector graphics), building data, and 3D assets (glTF models, OGC building models, digital elevations) to be used together to produce a synoptic view of the region in question. 


The Sprint Week event took place on 21-25 September 2020. A full schedule appears below.

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All questions, comments, or concerns should be addressed to Scott Serich [] with the subject “Interoperable Simulation & Gaming Sprint”.


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