Interoperable Simulation and Gaming DWG


Graham, David (CAE Inc.) - Co-Chair,
Marrou, Lance (Leidos) - Co-Chair,
Ronnfeldt, David (Department of Defence (Australia)) - Co-Chair

Group Charter:

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Group Description:

This Domain Working Group (DWG) will provide a forum for the discussion of requirements and use cases for standards and the registration of implementations related to use and re-use of geospatial data within the Interoperable Simulation and Gaming (ISG) community. The working group will provide a forum for broad discussion of ISG topics and research activities that are of relevance to various geospatial and modeling, simulation, and gaming communities and that may potentially impact on existing, or new, geospatial standards. The working group will aim to increase awareness of the advantages of ISG in general, to define the qualities of ISG systems, to enhance their interoperability, and to support activities to standardize operations within and among them related to the use and re-use of geospatial data.  This DWG is not intended to be a forum for scientific modeling and simulation.