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1) Overview

3D Tiles is designed for streaming and rendering massive 3D geospatial content such as Photogrammetry, 3D Buildings, BIM/CAD, Instanced Features, and Point Clouds. It defines a hierarchical data structure and a set of tile formats which deliver renderable content. 3D Tiles does not define explicit rules for visualization of the content; a client may visualize 3D Tiles data however it sees fit.

A 3D Tiles data set, called a tileset, contains 3D data organized into a spatial data structure. The primary format for delivering the 3D data is glTF 2.0. Additional formats for geospatial tile data are also specified in this document. These tile formats include Batched 3D Models, Instanced 3D Models, Point Clouds and Composite tiles.

This document specifies the following elements of a tileset:

  • The core data structures for tilesets
  • Tile formats for delivering 3D data
  • An implicit representation of tilesets that are organized in quadtrees or octrees
  • Metadata that may be associated to elements of a tileset on different levels of granularity
  • Declarative styling which may be applied to tilesets for their visualization

The 3D Tiles specification for tilesets, associated tile formats, metadata, and the associated styling specification are open formats that are not dependent on any vendor-specific solution, technology, or products.

The majority of the content in this OGC document is a direct copy of the content contained at the 1.1 tag of the 3d-tiles repo. No normative changes have been made to the content. This OGC document does contain content not contained in the 1.1 tag of the 3d-tiles repo.

Cesium has published the 3D Tiles 1.1 Reference Card as an approachable and concise guide to learning about the main concepts in 3D Tiles, intended to jumpstart developers in adopting 3D Tiles.

2) Downloads

Version Document Title (click to download) Document # Type
 1.1 OGC 3D Tiles Specification  22-025r4 CS
 1.0 OGC 3D Tiles Specification  18-053r2 CS


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