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Defense and Intelligence

Defense and Intelligence (D&I) has long been a leading source of technological innovation, and geospatial is no exception. New technologies across industries have taken new roles across D&I, and vice versa, propelling innovation forward.

Smart Cities

Urban areas across the globe are facing enormous challenges: population growth is increasing demand for energy, transport, housing, and other infrastructure while new
technologies – from autonomous transport to IoT and indoor location – are providing solutions
along with whole new challenges. Governments are looking for efficient, sustainable ways to
meet the needs of residents.

A User-centric Approach to Data Cubes

A recent OGC workshop led to the development of a new definition of data cube and underscored the need for a user-centric approach.

OGC Forms new GeoDataCube SWG

OGC Forms new GeoDataCube Standards Working Group

New SWG will develop datacube interoperability Standards that meet the needs of scientists, application developers, and API integrators.

Three reasons why New Space is valuable to the location community – and vice-versa

“Everybody has to have an interest in solving global problems. Unless one has entirely lost touch with reality. – And such people do exist.” Dennis…

OGC Seeks Public Comment on Creating new GeoDataCube Standards Working Group

New Standard Working Group will improve data interoperability of GeoDataCube for Analysis Ready Data. The public comment period for the GeoDataCubes SWG will end 19 January, 2023.