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OGC invites you to its Augmented Reality Summit in Toulouse, France


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Release Date: 
23 October 2019

OGC’s November 2019 AR Summit will bring together experts to discuss how to standardize access to AR related data and services, and encourage AR’s proliferation

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) invites experts and others with a shared interest in Augmented Reality (AR) to its November 2019 AR Summit, to be held alongside OGC’s 113th Technical Committee Meeting, in Toulouse, France.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the non-immersive visualization of digital information in the context of directly experiencing the real world. AR provides new capabilities for data visualization and interaction for workers in many industries with deep roots in the geospatial community (navigation, defense, construction, utilities, meteorology, resource management, industry, and civil protection). AR supports many use cases (planning/simulation, delivery of in situ data and instructions, navigation, etc) that are familiar to the OGC community, but AR can also bring a physical appreciation of location-based information to communities that have never before considered the value of the ‘geospatialness’ of their data.

The November 2019 AR Summit will bring together thought leaders and experts in 3D geospatial data acquisition, storage, management, delivery, and presentation from private and public organizations of all sizes, including researchers, practitioners, and policy makers from the OGC community and beyond.

Experts will share world-class research and demonstrate the benefits of interoperable geospatial standards when visualizing data in context with the real world. Participants will identify pain-points as well as where and how standard encodings can be advanced or implemented to better deliver digital information to people as they live, learn, play, and work in the real world.

Outcomes of the Summit will inform development of OGC standards that simplify access to AR related data and services, in turn encouraging the proliferation and varied applications of AR experiences. Additionally, the outcomes will provide input for a planned OGC White Paper on AR.

Discussion topics on the day will include:

  • What new standards work may be needed to meet the requirements of current and future geospatial data owners and users for real-time visualization in AR?
  • What existing standards could be extended to meet the requirements of current and future AR users?
  • What role can the web and web-based standards play in sharing and consuming AR content?
  • What partnerships or collaborative projects can OGC members establish or expand to inform and advance interoperable AR?
  • Does there need to be a forum designated for members to discuss challenges and advance solutions on which they can collaborate?
  • How will OGC members benefit from their collaborative or parallel activities within OGC and with/in other organizations to reduce barriers to widespread interoperable AR experiences?

If you’re Interested in speaking at this event, please propose a topic via the OGC Augmented Reality Summit Speaker Proposal Form.

For more information on the OGC November 2019 AR Summit, including how to register, visit the OGC November 2019 AR Summit event page on the OGC website.

Event details:
When: 20 November, 2019
Where: Pierre Baudis Convention Centre, Toulouse, France

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