The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) is excited to announce that the Executable Test Suite (ETS) for version 1.0 of the OGC GeoPose Data Exchange Standard has been approved by the OGC Membership. Products that implement OGC GeoPose 1.0 and pass the tests in the ETS can now be certified as OGC Compliant.

The OGC Compliance Program offers a certification process that ensures organizations’ solutions are compliant with OGC Standards. It is a universal credential that allows agencies, industry, and academia to better integrate their solutions. OGC Compliance provides confidence that a product will seamlessly integrate with other compliant solutions regardless of the vendor that created them. 

Implementers of the GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Standard are invited to validate their products using the new test suite in the OGC validator tool. Testing involves submitting an OGC GeoPose 1.0 document produced by the product being assessed. These tests typically take only 5-10 minutes to complete. Once a product has passed the test, the implementer can apply to use the ‘OGC Compliant’ trademark on their product. 

OGC GeoPose is a free and open Implementation Standard for exchanging the location and orientation of real or virtual geometric objects (“Poses”) within reference frames anchored to Earth’s surface (“Geo”) or within other astronomical coordinate systems. The Standard specifies a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) encoding for representing conformant poses.

The GeoPose Standard specifies a number of conformance classes, most being optional. One conformance class is defined for each corresponding set of Structural Data Units (SDUs), where each SDU is linked to the Logical Model as an alias for a class or attribute. The following conformance classes from the OGC GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Standard (OGC 21-056r11) are supported by the ETS:

  • Basic-YPR (Yaw-Pitch-Roll) SDU JSON
  • Basic-Quaternion SDU JSON – Permissive
  • Advanced SDU JSON
  • Graph SDU JSON
  • Chain SDU JSON
  • Regular Series SDU JSON
  • Stream SDU JSON

Some of the products implementing the GeoPose Standard that have already been certified as OGC Compliant include Away Team Software’s 3D Compass 1, OpenSitePlan’s SolarPose 1.0, and Ethar Inc.’s GeoPose C# Library 1.0. These products apply GeoPose in a wide variety of applications, such as Augmented Reality (AR), mobile Location Based Services (LBS), web APIs, and more. To implement GeoPose in your product, please refer to the OGC GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Standard document, freely available from OGC. Additional documentation is also available on the GeoPose website.

More information about the OGC compliance process, and how it can benefit your organization, is available at Implementers of the OGC GeoPose 1.0 Data Exchange Standard – or other OGC Standards – can validate their products now using the OGC Validator Tool.


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