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OGC Calls For Participation in the Releasable Basemap Tiles GeoPackage Sprint

Three-week Sprint intends to test a draft specification for NSG Vector Tiles Interoperability Volume 2: Basemap Tile Packages

OGC June Member Meeting Madrid 2022

Bringing the Heat in Madrid: a recap of our 123rd Member Meeting

OGC’s 123rd Member Meeting – our long awaited return to in-person(!) – was held in Madrid, Spain, from June 13-16, 2022. And even with the heatwave…

Developers invited to the February 2024 OGC API – Coverages Virtual Code Sprint

Sprint will refine OGC API – Coverages: a web API Standard for efficient retrieval of spatiotemporal data for a given time, area, and resolution.

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The 2023 OGC Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint – How it went!

On June 12-14, 2023, OGC held its 2023 Tiling Interfaces Code Sprint at OGC Strategic Member NGA’s Moonshot Labs in St. Louis, Missouri. The code sprint focused on a select set of Application Programming Interface (API), database, and encoding standards related to map tiles.

Announcing the 2024 Joint OGC ASF OSGeo Code Sprint

4th annual joint sprint will advance support of open geospatial Standards within the developer community – while advancing the Standards themselves.

Banner announcing 2023 Open Standards and Open Source Software Code Sprint, including sponsor logo

Developers Invited to the 2023 Open Standards and Open Source Software Code Sprint

OGC, Apache Software Foundation, Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and Camptocamp co-host annual code sprint to advance open geospatial standards.