Public comment requested: GeoPackage Conceptual Model

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Wednesday, 2022-04-27
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Friday, 2022-05-27
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The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on the GeoPackage Conceptual Model Candidate Standard. 

GeoPackage is an open, standards-based, platform-independent, portable, self-describing, compact format for transferring geospatial information. To date, GeoPackage uses a SQLite database container. The GeoPackage Conceptual Model Candidate Standard documents an OGC Conceptual and Logical Model Standard for encoding geospatial information in other containers, specifically:

  • vector features;
  • tile matrix sets of imagery and raster maps at various scales;
  • attributes (non-spatial data); and
  • extensions.

The Conceptual Model and Logical Model are Platform Independent Models (PIMs). The Conceptual Model is a high-level description of the concepts involved in the standard, while the Logical Model is an abstract representation of an interface or data model that can be used to produce implementations.

As such, neither the GeoPackage Conceptual nor Logical Models can be implemented directly. Rather, they serve as the base for Platform Specific Models (PSM). A PSM adds to the PIM the details needed to fully define the model for use with a specific technology. The PSM can then be used to generate artifacts such as schemas needed to build GeoPackage implementations. These artifacts include table definitions, integrity assertions, format limitations, and content constraints.

The GeoPackage Conceptual Model Candidate Standard was developed retroactively from the GeoPackage Encoding Standard (GES) v1.3.0. At the time, it was not deemed prudent to develop the Conceptual or Logical Models as the GES was intended specifically for the SQLite database format. However, as SQLite’s inherent limitations became more apparent, stakeholders determined that it would be beneficial to the community to standardize the Conceptual and Logical Models so that other PSMs could potentially be supported in the future. As a result, the candidate standard remains agnostic to its potential uses. The submitters of the candidate standard believe that GeoPackage now has the potential to evolve to support use cases and computing environments that go beyond what was originally conceived for the GeoPackage Encoding Standard.


Comments can be submitted to a dedicated email reflector for a thirty day period ending on the "Close request date" listed above, Comments received will be consolidated and reviewed by OGC members for incorporation into the document. Please submit your comments using the following link: requests [at] (Click here to submit comments) The link provided above should include a standard template in the message body. If the preloaded message body does not work properly using your mail client, please refer to the following template for the message body: Comments Template


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