Public comment requested: Geopackage SWG re-charter

Please note:  This Request is scheduled to close on 17 November 2020
Open Date: 
Wednesday, 2020-10-28
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, 2020-11-17

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) seeks public comment on a revision of the Geopackage Standards Working Group (SWG) charter. 

The Geopackage Standards Working Group (SWG) provides a consensus forum for revisions to the GeoPackage Encoding Standard including approved extensions as well as the development of new GeoPackage extensions. The SWG adopted a new charter outlining plans for future development of the Standard.

GeoPackage was originally developed with three main goals in mind: 

  1. To be a convenient, efficient, and interoperable container for geospatial information; 
  2. To enable operations in all computing environments, including those with Disconnected, Degraded, Intermittent, or Limited (DDIL) network connectivity; 
  3. For GeoPackage to be extensible, allowing it to evolve to meet future operational needs.

For a good primer on Geopackage please read the post entitled #GeoPackageDay 2020 - what is GeoPackage? on the OGC Blog.

The revised charter outlines the new objectives for the SWG:

  • Develop a logical model for GeoPackage so that future implementations can be separated from the current requirement to use SQLite.
  • Revise existing GeoPackage standards and extensions, namely the GeoPackage Encoding Standard 1.3.0, the GeoPackage Tiled Gridded Coverage Extension, and the GeoPackage Related Tables Extension. In particular, the SWG will review all outstanding Change Request Proposals submitted before the adoption of this charter.
  • Develop new GeoPackage extensions that have been requested by OGC Domain Working Groups.
  • Perform outreach to promote GeoPackage understanding and use.

Revisions to the version 1.3.0 of the GeoPackage Encoding Standard will improve the interoperability, capability, and clarity of the Standard. The Tiled Gridded Coverage and Related Tables Extensions have not been revised since their initial release and will likely benefit from additional review. New extensions would enable new capabilities that have been requested by the OGC community.

The Geopackage SWG plans to perform these activities by the end of calendar year 2022.


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