OGC Calls for Participation in Major Innovation Testbed (Testbed 14)

Please note:  This Request is scheduled to close on 21 January 2018.
Open Date: 
Friday, 2017-12-08
Closing Date: 
Sunday, 2018-01-21


Bidders' Q&A Webinar

A Bidders Q&A Webinar was held on Friday, 12 January 2018 at noon US Eastern Standard Time. 

The Webinar recording is available at:  https://portal.ogc.org/files/77559

The Slide deck used for the Webinar is available at:  https://portal.ogc.org/files/77558

Clarification questions and answers will continue to be made available in the CFP Clarifications document at https://proposal.opengeospatial.org/clarification.php.

General Information

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC®) has issued a Call for Participation (CFP) in the OGC Testbed 14 Interoperability Testbed.

Testbed 14 sponsors have completed and documented interoperability requirements and objectives for this testbed initiative. Organizations selected to participate in Testbed 14 will develop prototype solutions based on the sponsors’ use cases, requirements and scenarios. These are described in detail in the CFP. Participants’ prototype solutions will implement existing OGC standards as well as new prototype interface and encoding specifications introduced or developed in Testbed 14. Prototype specifications may ultimately become official, member approved OGC standards, revisions to existing OGC standards, or best practices for using OGC standards.

Bidders responding to this CFP must be OGC members and must be familiar with the OGC mission, organization, and process. Proposals from non-members will be considered provided that a completed application for OGC membership (or a letter of intent to become a member) is submitted prior to (or with) the proposal.

The list of Testbed 14 Sponsors can be found on the main Testbed 14 web page: www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/testbed14

Sponsor requirements have been organized into the following technical threads:

  • CITE: Compliance
  • EOC: Earth Observation & Clouds
  • MoPoQ: Modeling, Portrayal, and Quality of Service
  • NextGen: Next Generation Services


Two-Part Solicitation

The Testbed 14 solicitation is being issued in two parts due to specialized sponsor procurement requirements:

  • Part 1 - the CFP document being issued directly by OGC on December 8  and referred to as the "Part 1 CFP" or just "CFP"
  • Part 2 - an Invitation To Tender pack ("Part 2 ITT" or just "ITT"). Please visit the European Space Agency EMITS site for this Invitation to Tender pack. Each solicitation stands on its own, and there is no need to refer to the Part 1 CFP part in order to formulate a response to the Part 2 ITT.

The Part 2 ITT is described separately from this document and has distinct response requirements. So any Bidder wishing to respond to both Part 2 ITT and the Part 1 CFP should deliver two separate proposals, one for each set of response requirements. A Bidder wishing to respond to one or the other (but not both) would submit only one proposal.

The Part 2 ITT was released on 14 December, 2017. To provide a complete description of Testbed-14 scope, this CFP documentation was extended through Corrigenda to combine all deliverables from both parts (Part 1 CFP and Part 2 ITT). All work items marked as belonging to Part 2 ITT have distinct response requirements that are provided as part of the ITT. Bidding on these ITT requirements and work items requires an independent proposal! ITT requirements and work items are only copied into the Part 1 CFP solicitation documents for completeness.


Click a link below to download individual files of the CFP.

Please note: Each solicitation stands on its own, and there is no need to refer to the "Part 1 CFP" part in order to formulate a response to the "Part 2 ITT" part.

Testbed 14 Part 1 CFP

Testbed 14 Part 1 CFP (zipped HTML format) 
 Testbed 14 Part 1 CFP (live HTML version for browsers)
Testbed 14 Part 1 CFP (pdf)

Testbed 14 Part 2 ITT

Please visit the European Space Agency EMITS site for the Invitation to Tender pack.