Vector Tiles Pilot Phase 2

For more information please contact the project lead - tidol [at] (subject: Vector%20Tiles%20Pilot%20Phase%202%20Involvement) (Terry Idol), Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc.


The objective of Vector Tiles Pilot Phase 2, is to deliver a consistent, interoperable online/offline architecture for vector tiles based on feature and tile servers, and GeoPackage. The feature and tile servers including WMTS, OGC API – Features, and OGC API – Tiles shall provide support for map projections other than Web Mercator. All APIs and service types shall further support the vector tile metadata model and filtering language, the two other essential work items of VTP-2.

The initiative shall test styled vector tiles with multiple data sources, perspective views, opacity, color backgrounds, imagery backgrounds and day/night display conditions. VTP-2 will conduct thorough testing of the OGC APIs for Maps and Tiles, as developed in Testbed-15, and further advance support for vector tiles.

The VTP-2 initiative builds on previous Vector Tiles Pilot (VTP-1) efforts to visualize geospatial vector data on different client types, and on intermediate results stemming from the Testbed-15 Open Portrayal Framework (OPF) thread.

VTP-1, the first phase 1 of the Vector Tiles Pilot, has successfully developed and delivered Vector Tile (VT) extensions for the OGC API - Features specification (formerly named Web Feature Service 3.0), Web Map Tile Service (WMTS) and GeoPackage in collaboration with industry partners. These extensions delivered VTP-1 supported web clients, desktop application clients, and mobile clients with support for offline situations. The effort also developed a draft WMTS Styles API and a prototype OGC API for Styles. In addition, VTP-1 developed a conceptual model for tiled feature data.

Testbed-15 OPF is developing a framework that allows applying styles to maps, raster, and vector tiles. The OPF Thread is also developing Web APIs that complement and upgrade existing OGC Web Services (e.g., WMTS and WMS) with OGC APIs for Maps, Tiles, and Images. These APIs include style elements to request the application of specific styles to data, including vector tiles. The APIs are further complemented with an OGC API - Styles specification to allow posting and retrieval of styles from a style server, modification using visual style editors, and re-distribution for further sharing and use. Testbed-15 is developing a conceptual model for styles, metadata for styles, and elaborates linkages between rendering instructions and vector attributes of the corresponding data, including use with GeoPackages.

The Call for Participation for the Vector Tiles Pilots Phase 2 has closed but is available below:



Master Schedule

M01 09 September 2019 Release of Call for Participation - Completed

M02 18 October 2019    Proposals due - Completed

M03 31 October 2019    Participant selection and agreements - Completed

M04 12 November 2019  Virtual Kick-off meeting (Go to Meeting) - Completed

M05 24 January 2020 Draft Engineering Report(s) due - Completed

M06 25 March 2020 Final demonstration of results 

M07 01 April 2020 Documentation and Engineering Reports due

M08 15 April 2020 Participant(s) Summary Report(s) due