OGC Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Sprint: Year 2

For more information please contact innovation [at] ogc.org (subject: Interoperable%20Simulation%20and%20Gaming%20Year%202%20Information)


Call for Participation (Closed)

The Call for Participation (CFP) is now Closed. The CFP is available for review: HTML format and PDF format.

We welcome any interested parties to become an observer of the initiative. If you would like to become an observer, please contact us at ip [at] ogc.org.

Hot Topics:

  • How different formats such as CDB, glTF, OpenFlight, 3D Tiles, and I3S can be used most efficiently in a single environment; 
  • Where data processing burden would be placed best;
  • How indoor and outdoor data can be visualized seamlessly;
  • How aforementioned standards can be used with VR headsets;
  • How aforementioned standards can be used within game engines (e.g., Unreal or Unity);
  • How moving objects can be traced across different providers serving data in different formats 

Interested? Please contact us at innovation [at] ogc.org

Background and Goal

The Interoperable Simulation and Gaming (ISG) Year 2 initiative will build on momentum established during the recently completed ISG Sprint (year 1), documented in the ISG Sprint Engineering Report. Additional results are demonstrated in this YouTube Playlist.

This OGC Innovation Program initiative will advance geospatial interoperability of systems exchanging 3D content. OGC is working with the Khronos Group and various OGC Working Groups to advance interoperability of 3D geospatial and computer graphics using OGC CDB, Khronos glTF, and related 3D standards. Prototyping work is advancing interoperability for Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination, as well as open standard interfaces critical to enabling novel combinations of emerging technologies to bridge Special Operations Forces (SOF) capability gaps.


Year 2 activities will focus more directly on CDB, building on recommendations of the rapid prototyping activities conducted during the SOFWERX 3D Geospatial Series Tech Sprint II - OGC CDB 2.0 (aka CDB X).


*Updated 5/16/2021